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Sensor - Navigations

One of the main fields is the evaluation of special sensors and the transmission of the results to particularly-manufactured radio base stations. An example of an application is the electronic measurement of movements. By measurement of accelerations, rotations and the earth's magnetic field certain movements can be reconstructed. The finished sensor data can be used for the control of certain control instances, e.g. stepping motors or can be transmitted via radio frequency to other devices such as personnel computers and PDAs.

For the solutions of wireless data communication we use particularly developed radio modules. If desired for the data communication in addition, radio technologies from that kind of industrial condition can be implemented. A further core field of Naventics is the extension of existing circuits around certain functions. The reach of the greatest possible miniaturization degree stands with the development of our products in highest place. Therefore Naventics offers also the miniaturization of existing circuits. The miniaturization degree of the circuit is determined by surface estimations and the feasibility of the desired surface.

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