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Printed circuit boards Design

Naventics develops analog and digital hardware in SMD technology. Modern process technologies are used for the production of the printed circuit boards. The maximum miniaturization of the printed circuit board size is the center of attention here.

If the printed circuit board in a very small environment is to be accommodated, then newest technologies can optimize such as Flip chip Designs the miniaturization.

With the development of the hardware to particularly simple interfaces between the software developed for the hardware and the computer often commodity one pays attention. Thus a high flexibility and adaptivity of the final product are ensured.

Special care applies for the selection of the elements. Only construction units, which proved its stability, functionality and accuracy, find their employment on our circuits. Our work draws out by high transparency and flexibility. Since the satisfaction of our customers is to us because of the heart, you can inform at any time about the process of the development and take according to its desires influence.


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